Videographer San Diego

Seeking a professional San Diego Videographer? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We provide video crews for productions in San Diego and the entire Southern California area. We offer all the creative and technical services needed for video productions of every size and scope.

*Member PVASD (Professional Videographers Association San Diego)

*Member San Diego Film Commission

Our San Diego Videographer production crews range from small “one camera/operator” to large multicamera productions. In addition to our talented in-house staff we work with a large pool of creative, professional, client-friendly San Diego Videographer freelancers, so we can pull together the right crew for the job. PM ProductionZ coordinates all the crew details for you, so it’s one call, one-stop shopping. We are also fully insured for all equipment and liability. Call us at: (619) 347-2102 for help with your next production.

How to choose a corporate /industrial videographer?

When choosing a professional videographer to produce your corporate/industrial video it is advisable to:

1) Request to see samples of corporate/industrial work previously produced by the videographer. Look for well lit, well composed, steady images of people and product, clear sound, well written script and professional narration, appropriate music that supports the message and helps to maintain viewer interest, and appropriate graphics.

2) Establish that the videographer possesses excellent interpersonal communication skills. They will need to listen carefully to you and communicate well with you in order to help you clarify the message you want the video to convey to your audience. They should have professional demeanor and appearance. In the course of producing the video, they will be interacting with company employees, various levels of management, and potentially company clients who might be willing to provide on-camera testimonials about your company or your product or service.

3) After looking at samples of their work, ask yourself if you felt entertained, energized and/or moved emotionally in some fashion, Are you clear about the purpose of the message conveyed in the video, did it keep your interest, did you like the style in which it was presented? If you answer “yes” to all the above, then it is likely that this videographer will be able to produce a video for you that that will meet your company’s needs.

4) Determine if the videographer is currently a member of a professional videography association, and, if so, for how long a period of time. Years of membership in a professional association indicate a commitment by that videographer to ongoing professional development.

5) Obtain an itemized budget for your video in writing, and include a completion date in the contract.

If your looking for a professional videographer in the San Diego area then PM ProductionZ is the right company for you. Give us a call to discuss your needs today: 619-347-2102!